How much Fitted wardrobe cost?

We all need somewhere to store our clothes, but usually, a standard wardrobe won’t fit as well as an Ikea fitted wardrobe, and in cases like these, you need to have a fitted wardrobe.  Let’s find out how much a fitted wardrobe cost.

Budget Range

Middle Range 

fitted wardrobes for around £1000 to £1,400 per linear meter.

The wardrobe will usually made of melamine, MDF or rearly plywood.

wardrobes cost from£1,400 to £3,500 per linear meter. This is about what you would expect for an average quality fitted wardrobe.

It typically made from veneered MDF and will have everything inside the budget wardrobe plus more shelves and some interior lighting.

Premium Range

wardrobes will be from and above  £3,000 per linear meter and individually designed for your needs. Made from solid wood front doors and designed to your specifications with lots of extras aka shoe racks, drawers, shelves, coat hangers, lighting.

Bespoke fitted bedroom wardrobe. Depending on the design details this can range from £2,600 to £3,500

Sliding door fitted wardrobe ranges from £2,900 to £3,700, has 3 sections and usually has door mirrors.

Three sections, 6 doors wardrobe This includes both interior and exterior finishes and with drawers and hangers. Starts from £4,400.

Two section closet can be anything from £2,300 to £3,500

fitted wardrobe
fitted wardrobe
fitted wardrobe

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